Animal Coloring 3D – AR Camera

You can color 42 different animals.

Each animal can be painted three times, and a total of 126 pictures can be stored.

Numerical play, English play, photo taking, feeding, picture drawing.

Numerical play is a game that searches for answers by adding and subtracting.

English play is a game that searches for each animal’s words as they move.

Taking pictures is a function of taking pictures with painted animals like camera.

Feeding is twice as big as feeding each animal.

There are three faces for each animal, and they are easily distinguished by position

Drawing on 3D models and expressing various motion movements

It is the best app to complete a wonderful picture and play various games with that animal.

* Animal species

Cat, Dog, Chicken, Horse, Cow, Pig, Rabbit, Goat, Chick, Duck, Sheep,

Clownfish, Lobster, Octopus, Dorado Fish, Sunfish, Tuna, Blowfish, Dolphin, 

Stingray,, Swordfish, Seahorse, Turtle, Whale, Shark, Crab,

Monkey, Elephant, Tiger, Flamingo, Kangaroo, Bear, Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Camel

Boar, Deer, Gorilla, Crocodile, Lion, Owl

Supported languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Portuguese (Brazil)

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